Nova M


The new NOVA offers modern design and unparalleled travelling comfort, especially on long-distance trips.”

Herbert Jörgensen (63), Bremen

Club atmosphere with panoramic view: the dignified living space of the NOVA M shows its highest pretension up to each detail. First class travelling: high quality furniture surfaces, smooth leather and elegant wall covers for pure luxurious atmosphere. The timeless beautiful interior design sets new criterions in functional design and quality. Drawers and cupboards integrated with love and intelligence make tidying up very easy.


If you sleep well, you enjoy your holiday more. The very large double bed is easy to access and invites you to relaxing moments. All fits together in the NOVA M. The elegant design makes it difficult to step out the van and guarantees the interested stare of your neighbours. The kitchen has it all and is perfectly integrated in the interior of the van. No, this is no hotel bathroom. The NOVA M really features such a large bath with wood furniture, fibre glass washing basin and nice water tabs.


4 seats (with three-point seat belts)
3 berths




Technical data


3-point safety belt seatings: 4
Gas hob: 2-flame piezo spark electrical ignition
Isolated windows: 8
Absorber AES fridge: 80 l
Compressor fridge: 81 l optional
Rear bed dimensions: 205 x 97 cm
Tow-away bed: 205 x 140 cm


Tyres**: 235/65R16C
Real spare wheel: optional
Fresh water tank: 100 l / 30 l
Waste water tank: 95 l
Heating system Combi 6: 6 kW
Battery capacity: 100 Gel
Gas bottles: 2 x 11 kg


Length: 646 cm
Width: 215 cm
Height**: 306 cm
Wheelbase: 366 cm
Mass when ready to drive***:
3,230 kg
Tech. admis. total mass when loaded:
4.1 t
Payload: 900 kg 
Trailing load*: 2.5 t
Admis. total mass with trailer:
6.6 t / 6 t optional

* respect the total weight of vehicle and trailer as well as the engine version    
**  height of 4WD vehicle + 8,5cm, tyres 225/75R16C     
*** reduced fresh water capacity of 30 litres for a drive operation with reduced weight         
The water supply installation corresponds to at least the state of the technology 03/ 2009 (directive 2002/72 EG)