Made in Echzell


More than 3 decades of experience and innovativeness

At LA STRADA, a motivated team of proven experts sits in front of the drawing boards and computer screens. The brand's success is down to their detailed expertise. This team of specialists always has your requirements in mind and meets them in a highly professional way, even if our customers sometimes push us to the limits of what is technically feasible. It has always been thus, and has driven us to come up with genuine innovations that have now been adopted as the standard in many vehicles. Ultimately, our innovative solutions are all inspired by the ideas and requirements of our customers. We would like to use this opportunity to thank all customers who have always driven us to outperform ourselves! - Please don't ever stop doing so, as this is the only way that the LA STRADA vehicles will continue to offer the quality which the market expects from the brand.

Short-term thinking is not the way we do things!

At LA STRADA, all product development is based on long-term thinking and clear ideas of where we want to get to. It is therefore hardly surprising that time and again, the Hesse-based company has set ground breaking trends.

Visit one of our numerous dealers near you.

Our dealers advise all customers extensively, with the respective expertise and with their personal requirements in mind. All options are discussed down to the smallest detail. You might end up with a finalised concept for your LA STRADA!