Only a motorhome manufacturing company can offer you:
Customised features
completely bespoke - cleverly designed down to the last detail


An amazing small space!

Naturally, the interior design is of elemental importance when it comes to a motorhome's value in terms of its usability. When we say this, we don't mean the number of different layout versions or - even worse - the number of compromises that a manufacturer offers their customers, but the issue of whether the available space is used in the optimum way. In other words: designing the interior calls for vision and expert knowledge. For LA STRADA, comfort means that all of the occupants can move freely and enjoy enough privacy, and that the features and fittings meet the contemporary requirements with regard to convenience and user-friendliness.

Of course, a well-balanced interior also offers plenty of storage space – in places where it's needed. Cleverly positioned cupboards, drawers, clothes rails, shelves and compartments therefore also increase the comfort level.

So much with regard to our standards! However, over the past few years, the respective technology has literally progressed in leaps and bounds when it comes to mobility, the internet and telephony. People expect much more from a motorhome these days.

Your own motorhome is a means of transport, a place to relax or a moving home, as well as your office and entertainment centre! We are taking this development on board and are integrating this new way of travelling into our vehicles. You will therefore find interface systems in all of the relevant places. Of course, we also provide entertainment solutions for watching TV and listening to music.