Wheels that make a difference!

The quality of a motorhome always depends on its construction. In this area, LA STRADA has gained maximum expertise over the years. The base vehicles and chassis we use are made by the well-established manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and Fiat - a proven basis you can always rely on.

Your new LA STRADA is driven by technology manufactured in large volumes that guarantees reliability and worldwide service availability. Regardless of whether you opt for a model with four-wheel drive or with conventional front or rear drive, you can always rely on tried-and-tested technology.

The same applies to your LA STRADA's interior: Quality down to the last joint! All of the details are worked out completely digitally before the data is passed on to our furniture construction department, where all elements are then cut and coded by high-precision and state-of-the-art CNC milling machines.

The meticulous preparation of the interior space with high-performance well-fitting insulation is typical for LA STRADA.

We thereby ensure that the vehicle is not only excellently insulated; this insulation also reduces the driving vibrations and noise. A classic example of the "hidden" LA STRADA qualities.

This diesel heart beats quietly and evenly.

A peek inside the "engine room" of a LA STRADA is an exciting experience not only for experts and technology fans. It houses the vehicle's beating heart. By which we mean more than just its engine. Numerous components, pumps and systems do their jobs here and in other easily accessible places quietly and evenly, and ensure that each instrument, each socket, each tap and each heating element in all areas works faultlessly.

Of course, we pay our utmost attention to this part of the vehicle, which represents more than three decades of expertise.

A quiet vehicle is developed on the drawing board already. Besides the construction measures planned at this stage, additional insulation with a special material that also keeps things quiet is also added later on. It effectively seals the interior off from the chassis.

Clarity and transparency are important factors when it comes to the technical systems installed! The systems are structured in a way that is easy to understand, which allows service technicians to employ standard methods. Even the LA STRADA owner doesn‘t have to be a qualified mechanic to carry out simple routine checks and small maintenance jobs. A reassuring feeling on long-distance trips.