Compact motorhome with a star on the grill …

For the season 2019 the new Mercedes Benz Sprinter generation illuminates the la strada Regent S. Up-to-date assistance systems known from the automobile industry are now also available within the special equipment for a la strada van conversion. Voice control, adaptive cruise control and a 360° all round view camera are available within technic packages for the Regent S. The premium quality conversion as well as the clever use of space award the la strada Regent S to a reliable and compact companion. Its total length of 5,93m and the adjustable rear garage make the Regent S suitable for daily use.   

Numerous assistance systems, until now reserved for passenger cars, are now available for the la strada Regent S. By pronouncing “hello Mercedes” the driver activates the voice assistant. Intuitive instructions such as “next gas station”, “drive home” or “play radio one” are enough to operate the device. This is not only comfortable while driving, it is also very save as the eyes of the driver are focussed on the street and his hands remain on the steering wheel. The ergonomic leather steering wheel also operates the adaptive cruise control which always keeps the van at a safe driving distance to the car in front, a function formally known from passenger cars only. The Regent S brakes autonomously as soon as the car in front slows down and accelerates by itself up to the pre-set speed when the road is clear again. Pulling in becomes as easy as winking with the new 360° all round view camera which does not only show the obstacle behind the van but also everything in front of it and on the sides. Crosswind assist intervention, active lane keeping assist, blind spot and high-beam assist were appreciated features for the previous model and remain of course available for the new Regent S.
The rear wheel drive la strada Regent S gets powered by the newest Euro VI-C CDI engine with 120kW/163HP and 140kW/190HP performances. As soon as Mercedes Benz will launch the four-wheel-drive version it will unquestionably be available at strada.

The living space of the la strada Regent S is foreseen for two persons. The headroom above the cabin seats is generous as the compartment above the cockpit can be folded up; in this stowage the table gets safely placed while driving.

The seating bench is adjustable in various positions: from an upright backrest for the safe travelling use to a slid-out seating surface for the comfortable living use. In any position the bench is highly comfortable with its convex shaped back rest. It features two 3 points safety belts and the seating place next to the window is equipped with the Isofix system with top-tether fixation for a child’s seat. The kitchenette features a 3-hub gas cooker and sink combination as well as a 65l compressor fridge installed at a convenient handling level. Wall cupboards and five different drawers with soft closing mechanism do offer a lot of storage possibilities for the kitchen utensils. The interior can be individually configured thanks to some 84 fabric and leather shades as well as ten different wood colours while ten paintings are available for the auto body.

If requested a curtain will separate the living space from the rear part of the vehicle with its sleeping space and bathroom. Two swing doors give access to the bathroom; this does not only enlarge the free moving space in the little corridor but also looks very elegant. The disk spring Froli system and the cold-foam mattress do ensure highest sleeping comfort in the rear bed. Stowage is offered in eight wall cupboards, a wardrobe and two drawers under the bed.

The compact Regent S is suitable for the daily use thanks to the ingenious rear garage which features two handy storage rooms for small items as well as the gas compartment for two 11kg gas bottles. The space underneath the bed offers enough place for groceries or luggage. When lifting up the middle part of the bed and taking away the central piece of furniture, the garage enlarges easily and sturdy goods can be loaded up to the cabin. Bicycles or surfboards can be carried along on holiday without any problem.

The la strada Regent S is a compact motorhome for the demanding user. The van combines flexibility, suitability for daily use, living- and sleeping comfort and high end manufacture and is as handy to drive as a passenger car.