la strada Nova M: premiere at CARAVAN SALON 2020

Burst of growth - more living comfort and a new GRP-monocoque cabin on the up-to-date Mercedes Sprinter

A remarkable design characterizes the la strada Nova product line. The flagship Nova EB has been distinguished with the Red Dot Product Design Award 2020. The superstructure of the Nova M is shorter than the Nova EB cabin but certainly as unique and elegant. For both models, la strada relies on the extremely durable monocoque construction made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic which ensures high-end isolation, reliable leak tightness and sophisticated design. A tight fitted awning, darkened windows and even painted aeration grids underline the exclusivity of the superstructure. The valued Nova M floorplan did however barely change. Nevertheless, the living space takes considerably advantage from the 10 centimetres more in total length compared to the previous model. The Nova M is mounted on the Mercedes Sprinter rear-wheel-drive. From four-wheel-drive, automatic gear box and numerous driving assistant systems, to a choice of over 127 upholsteries, leather-fabric combinations and full-leather interiors, the Nova options’ list leaves no desires unfulfilled. The new la strada Nova M will be introduced on the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf from 4th to 13th September in hall 15/ stand C26 as well as in hall 5/ stand A05. 

When conceiving the GRP cabin of the new Nova the developers set special value on an elegant and pure exterior design, avoiding as much as possible any disturbing locking ledges, handles or hinges on the exterior traps. This clear line of the flagship Nova EB has been honoured by the Red Dot Design Award 2020. The Nova M GRP-monocoque cabin is 53 centimetres shorter but essentially reveals the same exterior design. Solely the reduced total length, a shorter wheel base and the two little windows on both sides of the roof hood differ the Nova M from the EB model.

The new Nova M features the same valued floorplan as before with three sleeping berths. The pull-down bed for two persons is mounted above the driver and passenger seats and offers high sleeping comfort on a 2,05 x 1,40 metres mattress and Froli spring supports. The rear transversal bed is very convenient to take a little nap during the day or for an eventual guest. The commodity is given on 2,05 metres length and 97 centimetres width as well as by the Froli spring supports.

A wardrobe is located on the right front of the rear bed, clothes can either be stored on a shelf or hung on cloth hangers. On the opposite side the bathroom gives access to the toilet, a serial window and compartments for the hygienic utensils. Once the washbasin is lifted up, the user will enjoy a spacious shower which can be separated by a folding rigid door.    

The kitchen of the Nova M finds place in the centre of the superstructure and features a 2-hob cooking device with electric piezo ignition and sturdy cast iron pot’s support in combination with a large sink next to it. An additional working surface can be slid out from under the wardrobe and easily enlarges the kitchen block. Two large drawers, a cutlery drawer, an open shelf and two upper cupboards store all the kitchen utensils and goods. Fresh products find place in the 80 litres refrigerator with automatic energy switching.

The L-shaped seating group is located on the opposite side of the kitchen and the enlarged entrance door. The Nova M features four seating places with 3-point safety belts: the seating bench in driving direction offers two secured seating places as well as the driver and the passenger cabin seats. The window place on the seating bench even offers the Isofix/ top tether fastening system for a child’s seat. The SKA comfort seats feature a pneumatic lumbar support as well as a seat heating system; when ordered in full leather version, a seat ventilation system is even optionally available. The cabin seats are as comfortable when used in driving position as when turned into the living space.

Two side doors with push-to-open locking device enable the access to the rear garage of the Nova M. The generous dimensioned garage offers enough space for all kind of bulky goods. Also the payload allows enough margin: the standard admissible total mass of the Nova M counts 4,1 tons which enables an opulent payload of 920 kilograms. For two persons and on demand the total weight can be downloaded to 3,5 tons with a remaining payload of 320 kilograms.

On a total length of 6,46 metres, a width of 2,15 metres and in combination with a 3,66 metres wheelbase, the Nova M is a pleasure to manoeuvre. When equipped with the selectable four-wheel-drive option, the Nova does not straight away become an expedition vehicle but together with a higher chassis and the all-terrain tyres, it certainly gains a lot more liberty on unpaved paths.
The German retail base price of the la strada Nova M with a 120 kW (163 HP) engine amounts to 98.930 Euro. ABS, ASR, ESP, daytime running lights, crosswind assist intervention and central locking system as well as the isolated and heatable waste water tank, a bathroom window and the awning are part of the standard equipment. Together with the Comfort Package, the Technic Package 1, the prior freight costs, documents, gas inspection and pre-delivery inspection costs, the Nova M comes to 105.499 Euro/ German retail price. Further special equipment and various options are available.