Highest driving comfort with the optional air suspension …

For the new season la strada Fahrzeugbau GmbH offers the optional air suspension systems from VB Airsuspension for the Avanti range. The additional air suspension on the rear axle equalizes eventual slanting positions due to one-sided charging of the vehicle. Furthermore, the rear suspension comfort is given as the system absorbs the shocks felt on uneven roads. The full air suspension on the front and on the rear axle offers the highest driving comfort. A balanced roadability, less inclination on curvy ways and automatic levelling of the stationary motorhome, are some of the big advantages of the system.
The semi air suspension on the rear axle smothers vehicle roll when driving through winding roads and maintains a regular driving level with constant ground clearance. Irregular loading gets balanced and the suspension comfort on ground unevenness increases. The air pressure in the air spring bellows can be changed manually. A control unit is mounted in the cabin from where the left or the right bellow can be filled up or emptied separately. Therewith, wheel-load fluctuation can be balanced when driving and a sloping position can be partly levelled when camping.

The full air suspension serves as spring and shock absorber at the same time and for each single wheel. The car body remains widely unaffected by uneven roads, shocks are “swallowed” by the air spring bellows. Inside the van, no vibrations are felt and impacts are hardly noticeable. The pressure in each bellow gets regulated automatically through a compressor which can also, if required, be controlled manually with a remote control mounted in the cabin. The level of the vehicle, though, is fully automatically kept on a permanent same height. This prevents body roll on curvy roads, diving and bottoming under braking and rising-up at rough acceleration.

At the push of a button the full air suspension can be raised or lowered and enables either more ground clearance or less height, as requested. Besides the driving advantages this function also eases the camper daily use: it is far more convenient to press the auto-level function to bring the van into a perfect horizontal position than to manipulate camping poling wedges!