Slim appearance

la strada Avanti E: low total height, single beds and much storage space

Layouts with single beds are very much appreciated within the van conversion models. With the Avanti E the German manufacturer la strada now presents the second floorplan with two single beds within its Avanti ranch. The total length of 6,36 metres of the Avanti E enables two lengthwise adjusted beds of 1,85 and 1,95 metre. But compared to his big brother the Avanti EB, the Avanti E is built on the lower Fiat Ducato with a height of 2,65 metres. This doesn’t only give him the slim appearance but also a reduced wind resistance and a low centre of gravity. The new la strada Avanti E will be introduced on the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf from 4th to 13th September in hall 15/ stand C26 as well as in hall 5/ stand A05.

The living space of the Avanti E does barely vary from the layout of his big brother. The biggest difference certainly is the foldable storage compartment above the cabin seats through which driver and passenger gain more headroom. Both seats can be swivelled towards the superstructure and do, together with the bench and the table, form a comfortable and cosy seating group. While driving four seating places with 3-point safety belts are available. The window seat on the bench features the Isofix/ top tether fastening system for a child’s seat. The backrest and the seating surface of the bench are firmly mounted and can be adjusted to the need. This feature guaranties a high seating comfort both while driving as well as at stationary activity. Under the seating group handy floor compartments for shoes or other items are foreseen. 
The kitchen block comes with a 2-flame hob with electric piezo ignition and sturdy cast iron pot’s support. The cooking device and the large sink are made of one stainless steel piece which is very easy to maintain clean. On the right of the kitchen block an 80 litres refrigerator with automatic energy switching is mounted in comfortable height.

The bathroom on the opposite side features the toilet, a washbasin and storage compartments for the hygienic utensils. A nice looking and space saving double swing door separates the bathroom from the living space. When taking a shower the shower head gets pulled out from the washbasin into the slide bar and a curtain closes the shower tub with its two drains.

The layout of the beds does exactly correspond to the one in the Avanti EB. Two lengthwise adjusted beds measuring 1, 85 and 1,95 metres are mounted on the left and right side of the vehicle. The little aisle between the beds gives access to two large drawers under the bed. Folded clothes can be stored in these drawers while hung clothes on coat hangers find place in the wardrobe mounted under the right bed on the passenger side. Between both beds further compartments can be found in the double floor as well as an access to the rear garage. If requested the single beds can easily be converted into one large 185/ 195 x 197 centimetres double bed. The necessary piece of mattress and a Froli support belongs to the standard equipment of the vehicle. 

The rear part of the bed can be lifted up and hence offers even more space in the rear garage of the Avanti E which is accessible through the rear doors of the vehicle. Two 11 kilograms gas bottles are stored in the garage and many small compartments create order for all the equipment taken along.

The Avanti E is the slimmer alternative to the bigger Avanti EB for all customers who attach great importance to a lower height of their motorhome without renouncing on the comfort given by two single beds.
The German retail base price of the la strada Avanti E on Fiat Ducato with the 103 kW (140 HP) engine amounts to 55.165 Euro. With the comfort package 1, the technic package 1, the prior freight costs, documents, gas inspection and pre-delivery inspection costs, the Avanti E comes to 61.254 Euro/ German retail price. Further special equipment and various options are available.