LA STRADA introduces many innovations for all Models …

Smart solutions in detail have always been la strada’s force. It is the only way to offer highest comfort in the compact vans for the Hessian manufacturer. For the season 2016/2017 la strada introduces many innovations for all models. Altogether they offer even more comfort than ever.

For the season 2016/2017 the basis engines have more power for all Avanti and Regent models. The smallest engine of an Avanti on Fiat Ducato is now the 2.3l turbo diesel with 130HP. The basis engine of a Regent on Mercedes Sprinter starts with a 2.2l 163HP aggregate. Together with the more dynamic engine come along the optional 16’’ and 17’’ aluminium wheels for the Regent series and 15’’, 16’’ and 18’’ for the Avanti models.
All Avanti and Regent models 2017 are equipped with new flat and tinted glass windows. Together with the optional LED rain drain above the sliding door these features provide the vans with a high-end appearance. The LED band can be dimmed by a small remote control that can be quickly fixed to your bunch of keys. There will be no unseen obstacles in the way when returning to the motorhome in the dark. Via the 70cm electrical entrance step one can easily and securely get on board of all Avanti and Regent models.

Inside all Avanti models (except the Avanti M) a new table with swivelling extension is mounted for the season 2016/2017. The table surface is clearly larger and more comfortable for 4 people. This new table also improves the transformation into a third bed which lays crosswise to the driving direction and measures 185 x 60 cm. Two additional touch LED lights light up the seating lounge above the cabin seats. Those can be mounted on lower seat bases to offer more comfort for taller passengers. Also in option, SKA Comfort seats for all la strada models with pneumatic lumbar support and 120mm height adjustment take care of being conveniently seated while travelling or relaxing.
These and many other new features make la strada models of the season 2016/2017 to the most comfortable vans of its 30 years of brand history.

About la strada
The la strada Fahrzeugbau GmbH is a van conversion manufacturer specialized in compact vans. During its 30 years of existence the company situated in the Hessian village Echzell established itself as a premium manufacturer in the campervan segment. Started as a small family business the motorhome manufactory developed into a small batch production acting all over Europe.Today 45 employees under the management of the owners Marco Lange and Andreas Dalchow build 10 different models in the 3 type series Avanti, Regent and Nova. The chassis are mainly provided from Fiat (Ducato) and Mercedes (Sprinter).