Model Upgrading

All LA STRADA models of season 2020 improved with new equipment …

For the 2020 season, la strada is introducing numerous new details in all model series. All in all, they significantly increase the comfort and living value of the compact motorhomes from Echzell in the Wetterau region.
From model year 2020, all la strada motorhomes, with the exception of the Avanti M, will be fitted as standard with a new washing-cooking combination in the kitchen block. Simpler operation and higher utility value were the focus of the revision. The new cast iron pan support over the two flames with piezo ignition also enables the safe use of larger pots. These then also fit into the new larger and deeper stainless steel sink.

The new lighting system above the seating group, the kitchen, the wash basin in the bathroom and the rear beds is also standard in all la strada motorhomes. The LED light strip flush-fitting into the underside of the wall units can be switched on and off by touch and dimmed continuously. In this way it provides the right light intensity for the situation. Two separate light strips with the same operating principle were used above the beds. Each sleeping berth has its own reading light.

As an option, an electric waste water drain valve is now available for all la strada motorhomes. A camera, the image of which is displayed on a monitor in the rear-view mirror, enables the drain nozzle to be precisely manoeuvred over the opening of the disposal station.

Further fabrics and partial leather complement the already large selection of covers in all la strada series. For model year 2020, the ARIA fabric will also be available as standard. The upholstery, which is subject to a surcharge, will be enhanced by LAGUNA partial leather and UNICO special fabric in 13 colour shades. Another good news for all la strada customers: In the 2020 season, the prices of all optional extras in all model series remain unchanged from the previous year.

The smallest Avanti, the M model, comes with a new wall unit as standard for clothes above the bed. Here, lying comfort and storage space are brought into even better harmony. In the optional equipment packages of the Avanti series, la strada will also be offering numerous innovations in model year 2020. In future, for example, technology package 1 will include a 90-litre fuel tank instead of the standard 75-litre tank. This means 20 percent more range on holiday or more fuel for the diesel heater with one tank full. Part of technology package 2 is now also an emergency brake assistant. A feature that nobody likes to try out, but whose intervention can save lives in an emergency. All Avanti models with fold-down bed (F, H and H PLUS) have an optional side window on the driver's side. This improves ventilation and the view on the "upper floor" of the Avanti high sleepers.

The Regent will be fitted with SKA comfort seats as standard for model year 2020. The axis of rotation is decentralised. The seat with its two armrests can thus be easily turned towards the living area and back again. The pneumatic lumbar support adjusts continuously to the driver's back at the touch of a button. The seat heating warms on colder days. The Regent can now sit comfortably. The previous 65 litre refrigerator model of the Regent S will be replaced from model year 2020 by an 81 litre compressor refrigerator. This means 26 percent more refrigerated space for fresh treats from the holiday regions. The refrigerator remains in its place at a back-friendly height to the right of the kitchen block.

These new details make the la strada models of the 2020 season the perfect choice.