Space genius on 6,36 m …

In 2017 la strada Fahrzeugbau GmbH introduced the 5,99m long Avanti H.
Now we discover the big brother: the Avanti H PLUS with a total length of    6,36 m. The rear garage takes entire benefit of the extra 37 centimetres. Two foldable shelves as well as side compartments with roller blinds enhance the garage. Together with the continuous and heatable double floor with several traps in the living room, two wardrobes, a large refrigerator and the probably largest bathroom of this class of van conversion, these features make a real space genius of this new la strada floor plan.

The rear garage of the Avanti H PLUS is 37cm longer than the one of the Avanti H and therefore takes advantage of plenty storage possibilities. The left side of the bathroom features adjustable shelves: when lifted, items can be stored on the case boards and when folded the table can be stowed in the open compartment when driving. Camping furniture, water pipes or levelling blocks easily find place in the double floor underneath the bathroom. On the right side of the garage the user will enjoy the space in new compartments with roller blinds to stow tools, electric cables and other small items. The optional fastening system on the backside of the bathroom of the Avanti H has been enhanced with folding shelves. If the serial shelves remain unfolded, the user can securely lash his camping furniture or other bulky things with the fastening system. Alternatively, the shelves can very easily be popped up and offer two generous levels to store boxes and other items. The 50cm between the bathroom back wall and the rear doors of the vehicle can be used vertically to full capacity. Bicycle, e-bike, children’s push chair or wetsuits hanging at one of two clothes rails: the rear garage of the Avanti H PLUS solves numerous transport duties without interfering with the superstructure.

The superstructure of the Avanti H PLUS does not differ from the one of his little brother, the Avanti H. Both models do now feature a new indirect lighting system which provides for more atmosphere thanks to dimmable LEDs.

Not many van conversions do come with such a large bathroom as these two layouts do. As the unit is located crosswise at the rear of the vehicle it takes advantage of the entire width of the van. Behind the double wing door one will find the toilet, the washing basin, generous storage compartments for sanitary articles and of course an ample, separated shower.

The tow-away bed of the Avanti H PLUS invites to rest, the passengers will very much enjoy their well-deserved sleep on the „upper floor“. The appreciated Froli support system and a 200 x 130cm big cold foam mattress provide the entreated comfort and rest. The head room is comfortable and high enough when sleeping with the head above the cabin which also eases access and egress of the bed. The Heki roof light enables a free view onto the stars and offers fresh air in the hot summer nights. Two LED spotlights hidden in the velour covering of the ceiling facilitate the bedside reading. Fresh air and an outlook on the landscape are given through the optional side window above the driver’s seat. At daytime the bed gets folded up under the ceiling and gives room to the seating group.

The seating group of the Avanti H PLUS features the seating bench with firm upholstering and the fastening points for an Isofix child car seat at the window seating place. The back rest and the seating surface of the bench can be slid into various positions, the convex shape of the back rest does ensure a comfortable seating at all times. Two 3-points safety belts secure the passenger while driving and the turned cabin seats enlarge the seating group while living.

Numerous cupboards and compartments offer plenty storage room in the living space of the Avanti H PLUS. Different sized compartments are hidden in the double floor which runs from the cabin to the rear bathroom through the entire length of the van. A large cabinet for clothes is located on the left side of the bathroom. Two generous drawers are positioned underneath. Further clothes can be stored on hangers or on the folding shelves in the modifiable wardrobe on the right side. The passenger side also features numerous cupboards, compartments and drawers for bulky kitchen utensils. The optional TV flat screen will also be fixed there if ordered, right on the opposite of the refrigerator. An elegant Slim Tower Design fridge is mounted in comfortable height and offers plenty storage for everyone’s favourite groceries. Up to 138l cooling capacity can be filled once the 10l freezing compartment has been taken out. Between the fridge and the seating bench, four large drawers can be used to store further bulky kitchen utensils.

The kitchen unit is located on the opposite side of the seating bench and features further subtleties. A 3-flame hob with electrical piezo ignition and a stainless-steel sink form the top of the kitchen unit. The large drawer underneath tidily stores the cutlery while the lower part of the kitchen block is entirely devoted to the gas compartment. Indeed the wooden panel under the drawer is the back wall of the gas compartment which is located right behind the sliding door of the van, under the hob. This position makes the compartment accessible from the outside and eases the change of the gas bottles. Two additional working surfaces are a further highlight of the kitchen: one is integrated in the left side of the furniture and can be lifted up when necessary, while the other can be slid out like a drawer between the compartments on the right side of the kitchen. A small cabinet for spices is quite useful as well.

The la strada Avanti H PLUS convinces with its abundant storage and the high quality finishing. The Avanti H PLUS is a comfortable and reliable holiday companion for two people. Such as all the la strada Avanti models, the Avanti H PLUS is available as front-wheel-drive on Fiat Ducato and as four-wheel-drive on Citroën Jumper (left-hand-drive only).  The German retail base price of the la strada Avanti H PLUS is 57.213 Euro.