Comfort benchmark for panel van motorhomes ...

la strada Avanti Saison 2022: Außenaufnahme 2 Front

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Owners of the LA STRADA Avanti C do not have to make any compromises. The box van has everything on board that a motorhome needs for two people. Even a full shower with plastic door, a heated double floor and storage space for two bicycles or bulky luggage. The C in the name therefore stands for comfort, plenty of space and plenty of equipment. All this in the outstanding quality of workmanship that is usual for la strada. The basis of the Avanti C is the Fiat Ducato in the 6.36 metre long version with high roof. Engines with 140 to 180 horsepower are the motorhome's rapid development.

The C has a separate full-value shower. A plastic door separates the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. A ceramic toilet, washbasin and storage space for hygiene articles are further features of the bathroom, which is accessed through a space-saving sliding door. The wide rear bed of the Avanti C is also comfortable. This is ensured by a Froli disc spring system and two cold foam mattresses, which together form a double bed measuring 197 x 142 centimetres.


Under the bed is the rear storage space, which is accessible both from the interior through a flap and through the large wing doors of the bodywork. Here the on-board technology of the Avanti C with heating, batteries, on-board electrics and two 11 kg gas cylinders can be stored as well as additional luggage. The special feature of the Avanti C storage space: the rear part of the rear bed can be folded up over the entire width of the vehicle. This creates ample storage space up to the ceiling of the motorhome. The depth is sufficient to stow two bicycles transversely in the rear.


The Avanti C seating group, which is located in the front part of the vehicle, is also comfortable. By turning the cab seats, a seating group for up to 4 persons is created. In the cab, a new upholstery is pulled over the standard seats of the Fiat Ducato. Reinforcements and inlays provide more strength, significantly improved ergonomics and more lateral support. The plastic armrests of the cab seats are also given a pleasant fabric cover. The semi-dinette's bench seat is equipped with two three-point belts and an ISOFIX point with top-tether at the window. The rear bench and seat can be pulled in different positions: With vertical backrest for driving and with reclined backrest and advanced seat for residential use. The convex shape of the seat back, which adapts to the back, together with the height-adjustable headrests, ensures comfortable sitting in all positions.


A rare comfort feature in the panel van motorhome class is the heated raised floor. In the living area it scores with space for tools, shoes and other utensils. This is ensured by flaps of different sizes in the floor, through which the raised floor is accessible from above. When the sliding door is open, a large drawer extends under the kitchen block, which can also be used as storage space and an outside table. The warm air from the heating system, which passes through the raised floor, keeps feet warm even on cold days. Further storage space for clothing is provided in the ceiling cupboards above the rear bed and the wardrobe next to the refrigerator, additional luggage is swallowed by the large storage compartment above the driver's cab.


In the middle part of the Avanti C is the kitchenette. The 2-flame gas cooker is fitted with an electric igniter, which eliminates the need for a match or lighter. A fold-out work surface significantly extends the radius of action in the kitchen. Also on board is an 80 litre refrigerator with automatic energy selection AES, which is located at a convenient height next to the kitchen unit. The pull-outs under the stove and sink provide storage space for pots and pans. The mosquito net for the large sliding door ensures that meals are not disturbed by uninvited guests. It can easily be closed with one hand and closes flush. So mosquitoes and other pests don't stand a chance. The open sliding door also allows cooking fumes to escape to the outside.

The la strada Avanti C combines the amenities of a much larger motorhome with the flexibility of a box van. More comfort for two people can hardly be accommodated in a box van.